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On being stuck in small-fry-ville

Photo by Sam Fakhreddine

I used to compare myself to people who did more “important” things than me.

(Can you relate?)

I thought my business was insignificant compared to theirs. I believed that they had something that I didn’t, that they were different from me. I believed it would take me a long time to get there, or maybe I never would.

I don’t believe those things …

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Become The Go-To Expert In Your Field


See what Cailen Ascher has to say about her experience inside Creating Fame.

Become the go-to expert in your field with Creating Fame. Enroll now!

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Can personality-based businesses scale? (Chase bank thinks so.)


The Creating Fame philosophy is all about leveraging your personal brand in your business. BUT whenever you do this a problem arises . . .

If your vision is to build something larger than yourself, if you don’t want to remain a one-man-show . . . is your personal brand going to get in the way? Will it stunt your growth?

Well …

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Self-made woman

Me, Richard Branson & Marie Forleo in South Africa

I flew out to the White House to be honored as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30.

I was featured in a 3-page writeup on

I spent a weekend mentoring entrepreneurs with Richard Branson in South Africa

Wanna know how I achieved these things?

I did it for myself, baby!

I am PROUD to say that every opportunity in my business has …

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“Do you” (or how I’m spending my Friday night)


I know it’s Friday night and it’s likely that you’re not online right now, but I need to tell you what’s on my mind.

I was looking over some emails I’ve received asking questions about Creating Fame. I was really reading into them, seeking “the question behind the question” and I found a common thread.

You might THINK your question is a …

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What’s YOUR excuse? The three steps to Creating Fame (video)


HUH buddy? What is it?

OK I’m not trying to start a fight – you’ve seen me and I’m pretty scrawny.

But really, what IS your excuse for not being at the top of your field? Have you ever thought you didn’t know HOW?

Well I’m not letting that excuse fly anymore because I already made a video TELLING you exactly how – …

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Why Creating Fame is not about getting famous

Gettin' my fame on

As a business owner I believe one of the BIGGEST time-wasting activities is re-inventing the wheel. So I’m not interesting in repackaging a bunch of stuff you can find elsewhere. I created this program because people kept asking me for THE resource for promoting and marketing with social media and honestly there was nothing that I felt confident recommending.

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