Self-made woman

Me, Richard Branson & Marie Forleo in South Africa
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I flew out to the White House to be honored as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30.

I was featured in a 3-page writeup on

I spent a weekend mentoring entrepreneurs with Richard Branson in South Africa

Wanna know how I achieved these things?

I did it for myself, baby!

I am PROUD to say that every opportunity in my business has been self-made.

No one has handed me anything, I’ve never been given any money or even taken out a loan.

I did it all myself.

Was it always easy? No!

But when I stopped waiting for everything to magically align – THAT is when the real magic happened.

I remember just a few years ago I really really wanted a blackberry. This was before everyone had a smart phone, and I thought it would be so cool to be able to check my email when I was out away from my computer.

I wanted one SO BADLY, and I knew it would really help me run my business . . . but it just seemed too expensive. As someone just starting out, I didn’t think I should spend $100+ on a phone.

I guess I was waiting for more clients, or higher fees, or more money in the bank. I’m not really sure what I was waiting for to be honest with you, I guess some part of me thought that I didn’t “deserve” that phone. I can still remember how much that feeling sucked.

So I did finally buy one – but not because I landed that dream gig or huge amount of savings that I thought I needed to buy it. I just went for it! And it was totally nerve-wracking. I was worried about how I was going to afford the monthly bill, and if I was going to regret my purchase.

But you know what? Now I can see just how much not having that phone was holding me back. And it wasn’t even about the phone so much, although being able to check my email on the go was a huge help. It was about that yucky feeling that having a blackberry was “above my level”.

Because here’s a little secret . . . right now I don’t feel like I’m at the “level” of someone who gets invited to the White House either!

But in my experience, going after those opportunities is what PULLS you to the level. I applied for that top 100 entrepreneur list (yes, I pitched myself!) and then I made the list. I bought the blackberry, and suddenly I became a person with a blackberry.

I didn’t wait for the phone or the White House to find me. I found them.

Because you CANNOT wait until the cash fairy rains down on you and solves all your problems. Or until the time fairy sprinkles some extra hours into your day. As much as I wish those fairies existed, they aren’t coming!

Your fate is in YOUR hands and your hands alone. Believing this is what truly opens up doors.

It’s worked for me anyway. :)

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